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Wellness Testing Service

Knowing what’s happening inside your body, and what to do to improve, means living in better health for longer. Our blood tests give you health insights, actionable support and GP advice.

Wellness tests we offer?


General health test

 Full lifestyle with omegas and FBC

Cholesterol [LIPP]

Essential + total B12

Immunity check


Energy and mental wellbeing:

Basic Thyroid and Vitamin D 

Advanced thyroid, Active and total b12, folate and iron

Active B12, folate, advanced thyroid, vitamin D


Diabetes and weight loss:

Diabetes check [HbA1c]

Weight loss (basic)

Weight loss (advanced)


Women’s health:

Menopause insight blood test

Women's hormones blood test

Menopause + Women's Health hormones


Men’s health:


Male Hormones, cholesterol, liver profile, and Vitamin D


Sports nutrition:

CRP (high sensitivity)

Sports nutrition basic

Sports performance bundle

Click below to find out all the benefits of each test, prices & how to book

How it works

Choose a test:

Choose between the convenience of conducting your test at home with a finger prick sample

or visit us here at Selfcare Aesthetic Services where we can collect a venous sample for you.

Confirmation Email:

 Keep an eye out for an email to confirm your test and arrange home delivery of your kit.

Within 2-4 days, your kit will arrive.


If you encounter challenges with collecting your sample at home,

you will need to re-order for a clinic kit at an additional cost.

Do Your Test:

If you're visiting the clinic for your sample collection, kindly schedule your appointment after your test kit arrives. Post your sample to our partner lab for free. Within as little as 48 hours, receive your results.

Access your GP-reviewed report conveniently in your results dashboard.

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