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Although the price of treatment can dictate whether a treatment is affordable or not, when it comes to your face, the LAST question you should be asking is

How much?

With the lack of regulation of the aesthetics industry in the UK, choosing your injector can be confusing, and social media is often a minefield. Here are a few simple questions you should be asking yourself in order to choose wisely.


What Qualifications do they have?

I believe finding an injector who is medically qualified is a good start. 

  • Dentists - GDC

  • Doctors- GMC

  • Nurses - NMC

  • Pharmacists- GPhC

Don't let Instagram be your only form of research and don't be fooled by all of the social media

'Advanced Aesthetic Practitioners'!


Why does this even matter?

Medics have studied anatomy (including cadaver dissection), physiology and pharmacology for YEARS. They have an in depth knowledge of facial anatomy having passed nationwide board registered exams.


Who knows what their level of anatomy knowledge is.


What products do they use?

This is a biggie! -

Make sure they are using reputable brands sourced from a PHARMACY that are LICENSED for use in the U.K!

Good products - are EXPENSIVE for the practitioner to buy, so if your practitioners prices are too good to be true... this should raise a red flag!

As dermal fillers are classified as a 'medical device', technically anyone can buy them online, but approved Medical Grade fillers are not so easily available and a pharmacy will NOT sell them without proof of qualifications.


What happens in an emergency?

If you have been doing your research into dermal fillers properly, your will have undoubtedly come across the dreaded 'V.O' - otherwise known as Vascular Occlusion'. This occurs when dermal filler has inadvertently been placed within a blood vessel, in sufficient quantities, to block or impede blood flow.

Firstly, non- medics may not be able to recognise this potentially very serious complication, but more importantly - As a non-prescriber, they are unable to source the reversal enzyme Hyalase.

Check that your injector gives their contact details as standard in case there is an emergency.


Whats the conclusion?

Don't be tempted by low prices

Treatment should be reassuringly expensive.

What you are paying for -

  • Years of training in anatomy, physiology, pharmacolgy and medical emergencies.

  • Further education including PGDip and PGGert

  • Reputable, licensed products.

  • Insurance.

  • Continued professional development and further education

  • Experience

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