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BeautifEYE & Bio Nutrineck

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is made up of proteins that regulate cellular growth, proliferation and differentiation under controlled conditions. They play an important part in maintaining healthy skin structure and function.  It’s ‘skin feeding’ at its best!


What is NCTF 135HA by FILLMED?

Developed and loved by the French, over 40-years of research and development have gone into to FILLMED’s celebrated NCTF® (New Cellular Treatment Factor). It is a potent Positive Pro-ageing solution that supplies essential ingredients to the dermis, promoting collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production. 


What is M-HA®10 by FILLMED?

M-HA®10 is a visco-elastic solution for corrective use to counteract hyaluronic acid loss from skin aging. It's injected into the upper dermis as a 'skin booster' to enhance hydration, radiance, and elasticity. Additionally, it acts as a filler for small wrinkles like crow’s feet and laughter lines, and helps improve the skin's water barrier function.


What results can I expect from Beautifeye/ Nutrineck treatment?

- Correction of fine lines

- Improved skin texture and elasticity

- Restore radiance to the eye contour and neck areas


How long do the results last?

The BeautifEye / Nutrineck treatment protocols consist of three sessions spaced 2-3 weeks apart. This approach is intended to create a cumulative effect, resulting in a lasting radiance that can extend for up to 6 months.


Is there any downtime?

Following your neck and/or eye treatment, in some cases there may be some redness and papules (small intentional bumps in the skin) that may remain for up to 24 hours around the eye, or 48 hours in the neck. You may also notice, small pin prick marks and possibly scratches following treatment. A ‘tight’ feeling is very normal. It’s recommended to follow aftercare instructions for the best results.


What should I do after having Beautifeye/ Nutrineck treatment?

Change pillow case.

Drink plenty of water.

Ensure SPF of at least 50 is worn on exposed areas daily.

Sanitise your phone and (sun)glass before wearing/using them.

Ensure you moisturise and use recommended serums following your treatment to nourish and heal the skin.

Ensure you return and complete the protocol of treatments suggested by your Skin Expert to fulfil your skin goals.


What should I avoid doing after having Beautifeye/ Nutrineck treatment?

Avoid touching your face for 24 hours.

Do not wash your face or apply any products for 24 hours to allow the serums applied during treatment to continue dispersing into the skin.

Do not apply makeup for 48 hours.

Do not consume alcohol for 48 hours.

Avoid exercise/sweating for 48 hours.

Avoid swimming, saunas and spa environments for 48 hours.

Golden Rule: make sure that you are also avoiding direct sun exposure. Especially tanning beds.

Avoid abrasive skin treatments for and retinol for 5 days following treatment.


Is BeautifEye suitable for all skin types?

BeautifEye treatment is generally safe for various skin types, but it's best to consult with a skincare professional to determine if it's suitable for your specific needs.


Is the treatment painful?

The treatment involves gentle procedures, but discomfort levels can vary from person to person. We take steps to minimise any discomfort.


Who cannot have this treatment

You are unable to have this treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have active inflammatory skin conditions, or Rosacea. If you have received recent laser treatment, then a 3 month gap will be required.

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